Sharing Screen with Multiple People

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Computers and Internet
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As you might know the new Skype allows us to share our desktop to another contact by only using Skype. Best things are it is free and we can share through internet. But this has a limitation which is you cannot share the screen with multiple contacts.

To overcome this I happen to find this nice Skype add-on named InnerPass Share and Collaborate which enable us to share our desktop with many people at once freely.

To get it installed go to Skype Extras Manager by clicking Tools –> Extras –> Get Extras.

Type InnerPass on the top left search box and press search.

Then on the left search results select the InnerPass Share and Collaborate add-on and install.

After installing you can launch InnerPass by clicking Tools –> Extras –> InnerPass Share and Collaborate. This will bring you a screen similar to the following.

You can click Get Started button to create your free InnerPass account and start using the features offered by InnerPass.

Some of the features are,

  • Managing meeting rooms.
  • Add contacts from other sources like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
  • Schedule meetings.
  • Attend meetings.
  • Host meetings.
  • Sharing your screen.
  • Viewing others’ screens.
  • Share documents.


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