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Few months back suddenly my Toyota refused to connect to my Samsung Galaxy S4 without any reason. Earlier I could listen to music, dial calls and answer calls without issues.

But suddenly the connection between the car and the phone broke and the worst thing is I lost entire Bluetooth screen from the car audio system (Normally I have FM1, FM2, Bluetooth and AM). I thought my audio system is malfunctioning so I went to Toyota, but they said it is a known error and Galaxy S4 is having new Bluetooth version and it is not compatible with most of the car audio systems and I will not be able to use the phone with the car. This was very disappointing to me so I asked for them for the audio system update but they said no updates are available.

Then I thought to try out few things and get it fixed by myself, good news for anyone having the same issue is I solved the issue. But it is not always reliable but 95% of times it will work.

To get your S4 (or any other new device) connected into your car audio follow the steps below, they might help you.

  1. First we need to get the missing Bluetooth mode (screen) back in the car audio, for this I removed all the registered devices I had in the car audio.
  2. Then I registered my old Windows Mobile phone to the audio system using the settings screen (since the Bluetooth mode is not available). Any old phone like an iPhone 4G or below, Samsung Galaxy S2, Windows Mobile phones will be ok. If you get the device properly registered you will get the Bluetooth screen back when you restart the car audio system.
  3. Then register your Galaxy S4 with the car audio system, and change the connection behaviour immediately. Normally the car audio will try to connect to the phone, but since the phone is having new version of Bluetooth car audio will not recognise the commands transmitted by the phone. So the system will think there is no device.

To over come the issue you need to configure the phone to make the connection. In my Toyota this is done by selecting the connection settings after the Bluetooth connection is made using the Bluetooth mode (screen). Because latest phones are intelligent they will detect that the car audio is having older version of Bluetooth and it will change the instruction set accordingly and start communicating with an instruction set which is recognised by the car audio, making everything back to normal again.

After making my phone to connect to the car, I could play my music, answer calls and dial calls without any issues.

Hope this will help you to get your car audio connected to your latest phone.



If you also bought Kogan Smart TV dongle and it keeps on restarting whenever you try to turn it on you might be able to fix it by reading on.

Mine always restarted, at a time when the Android robot man is in view or when Android word is shown.

I did two main things to get it to work normally.

A) Changed the power source – I found the Red LED light in the dongle was not having the brightness it used to have. After doing some testing I found the power adapter which came with the dongle was faulty, so I used another similar power adapter and immediately the restarting of the dongle became less.

Also sometimes this power limitation is caused by the connector slack between the power adapter and the cable. Try changing the cable or adjusting the orientation of the adapter. For example if the adapter is lying flat try to turn it to a side or try to put some kind of an object underneath to reduce the slack between the cable and power adapter.

B) Update the firmware in the dongle – In my dongle updating the firmware made the restarting issue almost vanish. So if you like to make the fix complete try updating the dongle by following the steps below.

Before starting the process make sure that you will not have any power outages until you complete your firmware update (for about 30 mins). If power is interrupted while the update is happening most likely you will have problems using your dongle again, it might even be bricked so be careful.

  1. Download the new version of firmware  from the following link.
  2. Find an empty USB flash drive or a Micro SD card of capacity 512MB or more.
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file into the USB flash or the SD card. Make sure only the contents of the zip file is present on SD card or flash drive.
  4. Plug the SD card or the USB flash into the HDMI dongle.
  5. Go to Settings, find System Update then select Local Device and select either USB flash drive or the SD card.
  6. This will start the firmware update process and when completed dongle will be restarted.
  7. Then you need to do the initial configuration again for things like screen size, WiFi, accounts etc.

Hope this helps you, if you have any questions let me know I might be able to help. Some of the information about updating the firmware is thanks to a reply made by Ozzie Tigar in

In the current place I am living I didn’t have a telephone connection, when I applied for a connection and got the connection I found that some of the line wiring and connectors are out of shape. So I had to replace some items and rewire. When doing it I faced few issues since the connector was a legacy connector. So I thought to put an article on how to correctly get it done.

The connector I found in my place is the old Australian connector which is sometimes named as legacy Australian connector or 610 socket. Following are some images to correctly identify it.


To get it correctly fitted first you need to identify your correct wire pairs, luckily in mine only one pair was working (meaning only one line was present). So I just used my multi meter to find the correct wire pair. Since phone wires will have DC current remember to put your multi meter into DC mode before measuring. Also note that phone lines may conduct 24v-50v DC current normally. When ringing this will change to 75v-90v AC.

IMPORTANT – If you touch them directly you might get an electric shock even though it is not deadly so always make sure you are wearing gloves or adequate footwear since if you do not like to get shocked.

Even though the old phone cables only had 4 wires the new ones are having more. Sometimes this can even be 50. When there are more wires it means that the wire can be used to connect more lines. For example a cable with 4 wires can be used for 2 lines. A cable with 16 wires can transmit 8 phone lines. To identify the pairs correctly phone wires inside a cable are color coded. Since I am not an expert in this area I will only talk about 6 wired cables. The following will be helpful to find the correct wire pairs for you.

  • Pair 1 ring (Blue) 6
  • Pair 1 tip (White) 2
  • Pair 2 ring (Black) 1
  • Pair 2 tip (Red) 5
  • Pair 3 ring (Green) 3
  • Pair 3 tip (Orange) 4

Now you may be wondering few things, wait I will try to explain.

In the above cable since it has 6 wires it can accommodate 3 phone lines or pairs. For example first pair is White and Blue wires, second pair is Black and Red wires and third pair is Green and Orange wires.

The words ring and tip are like live and neutral or + and –. Ring is battery negative and tip is ground. Since some answering machines do need these correctly hooked in it is always good to connect them correctly to get the ultimate from your equipment.

The last digit in Black represent the place the wire should be connected in the phone socket. To explain this more I will use the following picture I took on 610 socket after removing its cover.


If you closely look into the socket you will see there are numbers from 1 to 6 (sorry they are not visible in the image) marking the pins. The numbering starts from right to left in the image. So the Red wire in the image is connected to pin 1 and Blue wire is connected to pin 6.

After identifying the pins in the socket and wire pairs the next step is to correctly connect them. You just need to connect the pairs as per the last digit shown in the bulleted list above. If you correctly got it it should end up like this.

From right to left on the socket.

  • Pair 2 ring (Black) – Pin 1
  • Pair 1 tip (White) – Pin 2
  • Pair 3 ring (Green) – Pin 3
  • Pair 3 tip (Orange) – Pin 4
  • Pair 2 tip (Red) – Pin 5
  • Pair 1 ring (Blue)Pin 6

Then replace the socket cover and plug in the compatible plug (605) into the socket.


As you see in my plug only four contacts are there meaning I only can use 2 phone lines (pairs), but since I only have one line this is not an issue to me. So make sure to find the correct plug if you are trying to utilize all 3 pairs.

I know there must be many unanswered questions. Even though I am not an expert on this area let me know if you face any problems, I will try to help you.

How to Set the Clock in Car Audio

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Gadgets
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After disconnecting the battery for a maintenance job, I had some clueless days while trying to reset the clock in a car audio system. Even though there should be a way to set the clock in audio systems it is bit difficult to find it without the manual of the system.

My in my scenario I found it after sometime, so thought to share it since it might help someone with the same problem.

Car audio system in which I had the issue was JVC KD-S5055.

To start the resetting you need to press and hold the “Select” button for about 5 seconds. Then a message similar to “Hour-h” will be shown in the display. Once this appears use the + and – buttons located on the left to set the hour value of the time.

Then to set the minute value you need to press the mode change buttons located on the right side. Once you press the mode change button while on the hour changing mode you will see a message similar to “Minute-m”. Then again you can use the + and – buttons to set the minutes portion of the time.

After successfully setting both hour portion and minute portion you can press the Select button again to save the changes made to he clock.

Additionally if you need the system to show the time when the device is switched on you can press the Display button located below the Select button. This will show the current time instead of the Radio/CD/Track information.

Hope this helps.

The Car of the Future – M 200G

Posted: September 10, 2007 in Gadgets
Have you seen the car of the future? Even though people call this a car this is more towards a personal helicopter. The M 200G is manufactured by Moller International located in Davis, California, USA. This is capable of vertical take-off and landing.
Read more at BBC.

In the future there won’t be necessary to us to wait in long traffic ques. But what will happen if all the people buys this car?

I think it will increase the Air Traffic :-).

Have you seen the cool gadget SMS M 500. This is a watch with basic phone functionalities. This will include facilities and features such as
  • Full SMS and MMS functionality
  • MP3 Support AAC/MP3 and MP4 Support Video Playing
  • Touchscreen with Built-in Stylus
  • Memory: 128MB Built-in Memory
  • Battery: 400mAh, Talk Time 200 Minutes, Standby Time 80 Hours
  • USB: For Data Transfer and Recharging
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Date/Time
  • Last Number Redial
  • Recent Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • File Manager
  • 199 Contacts
  • Multi Languages
  • Flight Mode
  • Email
Roughly this will be priced around A$ 1000 (Australian Dollar 1000).
For the full details please visit the manufacturer SMS Australia at