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Rapping Flight Attendant

Posted: December 5, 2009 in Impressive Ideas
If you have flown in aircraft’s you may definitely have heard of the in flight safety announcements made by the flight attendants. But have you paid enough attention to it?
Anyway I bet that you have never listened to anything like this before.
This is David Holmes, a flight attendant of Southwest Airlines who is known as rapping flight attendant who came up with a nice idea.
Did you ever had the requirement to login to more than one Google accounts using Google Talk simultaneously?
I had since our office used Google accounts and I needed to be online in the official chat as well as in my personal account, and I found a way how to do it. So I thouoght it is better to share it with you.
This can be achieved by simply passing a parameter while initiating Google Talk (GTalk).
1. If you don’t have a shortcut for GTalk create one by actions such as right clicking and clicking on Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut).
2. Right click on top of the created shortcut and click on Properties.
3. Type /nomutex after the googletalk.exe path in the Target field as shown below.

4. Press Ok to save the change.

5. Now start GTalk by double clicking on top of the shortcut. Now you will be able to open up many GTalk sessions and login to different accounts simultaneously.

Wireless Electricity

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Impressive Ideas
Did you get to know that people are trying to send electricity wireless. Even though this is still at testing I think when this succeeds lot of people will enjoy true wirelessness. Since nowadays even we have wireless devices we need a cable when charging them. This will remove that disadvantage.
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