Error Installing Windows 11 on VMWare Player

Posted: September 22, 2022 in Windows
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Recently I encountered an error while trying to install a fresh copy of Windows 11 64 bit on a virtual machine running on a Windows 11 host machine. 

Even though the Virtual Machine (VM) is meeting all the requirements Windows setup was complaining that PC is not meeting the minimum requirements as below.

This is happening because TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is not enabled when you created VMs in VMWare Player. I managed to make it work by changing the VMX file which stores the VMs configuration information.

Follow below steps,

1. Turn off the Virtual PC (VPC).
2. Browse to the location where the VPC files are stored.

    You can find the location by opening the VPC settings as seen below.

3. In that location you will see a file named “VM Name.vmx”, in mine it was “Windows 10.vmx”. Open this file using NotePad.

4. Add the below line to the file.

    managedVM.autoAddVTPM = “software”

5. Save the file and start the VPC. Now you should be able to continue with the installation.

Visit Microsoft to find full Windows 11 requirements.


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