Error Installing Windows 7

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Windows

Recently I tried installing Windows 7 64 bit version in to my HP Pavilion laptop, and I continuously got a problem while installing.

Installer was generating a blue screen with a message Page_Fault_in_NonPaged_Area referring to the file “wimfsf.sys” after coping files and showing the new Windows logo for about 10 seconds.

Since it is mentioning about a page fault and also I am trying with a 64 bit version of Windows I thought this is due to a problem related to hardware of my laptop, so I tried many alterations which included things like, flashing BIOS to various versions including new and old, plugging memory in different ways, installing other OSs to try setup Windows from within them, but nothing helped me to sort the issue except replacing the DVD.

Yes indeed, it was an issue with the installation media (DVD), if you also get a similar error when installing Windows 7, I suggest you to first try installing with a different media.

If you still get an error then try running Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which can be downloaded from Microsoft. This will analyze your machine and will report you the compatibility details.


– updating your BIOS to the latest version,

– installing with only one memory module when you are having more,

– disabling special processor (virtualization) and memory (memory caching) functionalities,

– changing hard disk drive options,

will help you getting Windows installed successfully.


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