Bing – But It’s Not Google

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Computers and Internet
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Did you check out the new search engine from Microsoft?
If you used to use Live search you may have noted that now you are redirected to Bing, since Bing is replacing Live.
They have named it as BING and its having some few cool new things to look for.
Soon after the launch on 1st June 2009 Bing is getting bit popular at the moment in the context of search engines.
New Explorer Pane
Helps to filter the search results more or to find more related information.

Categorized Search Results
All the results will be categorized accordingly, so you will be able to find the related things easily.
Results Preview
You don’t need to open the web site to view its content, Results Preview will show you a preview of the site so you can decide on it faster.

Image Search
You will be able to sort out the results fast according to things such as size, colour, layout, etc.

Video Search
One cool thing is without opening the site you can preview the video being inside of the Bing which will save lot of time.

There are much more it is better you check the rest of the features your self.



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