Automating Actions in Photoshop

Posted: June 19, 2007 in Photoshop
Recently I had to edit several hundred images. The point was that I had to do the same thing to all the images. So I struggled a bit to find a way to automate the process. In this way Adobe Photoshop will do the same actions to all the images without my involvement. Cool right, Ok then before explaining the way to do this I’ll explain what I am going to do.
To make things simple, just imagine that you need to put some text to some images and needs to save the images as Jpeg. First things first, so open one image from your image set after starting Adobe Photoshop (Please note that I am using Adobe Photoshop CS2).
1. We need to record our actions to make Photoshop repeat them on other images.
Open the Actions pane by clicking on Window -> Actions or pressing Alt + F9.
Now create a new Set by clicking on the folder like icon at the bottom of the actions pane. When new set window comes put a name that you want. I kept the default name which was Set 1.
Then create a new Action by clicking on the small icon located little right to the New Set icon.
In the New Action window you can specify a name (Action 1), a set which this action will belong, a key combination to initiate the action and a color for the action if you want.
Now you are ready to record the actions. After double checking whether the Begin Record button (Circuler button as the second button from the left in the Action pane.) is activated, use the Horizontal Type Tool (T) to insert the required text into the image. Format the text as you want.
Since now we are done with the required actions, stop the Recording by clicking on the Stop Playing/Recording button (The left most button [rectangular] on the Action pane.) Note that not only putting text, you can do many things available in Photoshop at this point and record to Automate later.
2. Now you have successfully created the repitative tasks. What you have to do now is to perform all these tasks on the images you have.
If all the images you want to change are not in the same folder put all of them to one folder. Having images inside sub folders are ok.
Then Click on File -> Scripts -> Image Processor.
In Image Processor select the second radio button at Step 1 and click on Select Folder… button and select the folder where your images are.
Select the Step 2 as you like. (What I choose is to save the images on a folder named New Folder under my original folder)
Select the Save as Jpeg check box and type appropriate quality in Step 3 (5 in my case).
In the Step 4 select the set (Set 1) and action (Action 1) you have created above.
If you want any Copyright information you can enter them also.
After selecting everything click on Run to start the batch process.
You will be able to see Photoshop automating. How helpful is this? Was a lot to me.
Happy playing with images.

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