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Resetting Windows XP Mode

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Windows
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Recently I had a problem using Windows XP mode simply because the password for Windows XP mode was not working.This can happen when Windows XP mode password was changed in Windows XP Mode or when the Windows XP Mode was created from another user account to the one currently logged into the physical machine.

One way to fix this is by opening Windows XP Mode Windows Virtual PC Settings and deleting saved credentials. But in my case there were no saved credentials so my button was disabled.


Second way to fix this is by uninstalling Windows XP Mode and reinstalling it.

Third way is a quicker way to do this by simply cleaning the virtual machine files in folder “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines”. Make sure you are only deleting the files relevant to Windows XP Mode.


Then when you relaunch Windows XP mode, it will say that some of the required files are missing and will prompt to create a new environment. When you press “Create New” it will start the wizard to create a brand new Windows XP Mode.


If it generates any errors, you should try deleting the virtual machine file found in “<User Folder>\Virtual Machines”


After finishing the wizard you will get a new Windows XP Mode.




If you are using Windows, following are some handy shortcut keys with their actions to make your life bit easy.

Key Combination


Windows Key + E

Opens Windows Explorer

Windows Key + L

Locks Windows

Windows Key + F

Open Search

Windows Key + R

Open Run Window

Windows Key + D

Minimise / Restore All Applications

Windows Key + Space

Peek to Desktop

Windows Key + Home

Minimise all Applications except the current Application

Shift + F10

Right Click

Windows Key + Number Keys from 1 – 9

Activate / Show Application on Taskbar.

Windows Key + Right Arrow

Switch between different Application Layouts

Windows Key + Down Arrow

Minimize an Application

Windows Key + Up Arrow

Maximize Application

Windows Key + Shift + Up Arrow

Fit Application height to screen height

Windows Key + Shift + Right / Left Arrow

Move Applications among the connected Displays when having multiple displays.

In an Application Alt + F4

Closes the Application

At Desktop Alt + F4

Brings Shutdown Window


I did find these in Windows 7, but have not yet tested on other versions of Windows.


If you wanted to lock your Windows using a batch file it can be achieved using the following command.

rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

This will be handy if you need to lock your computer after a certain scheduled action. Simply place this in a bat file, and schedule the bat file to be run to get the computer locked.

I tried this on Windows 7.