Saman Villas Benthota – Sri Lanka

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Hotels, Travel

If you are in Sri Lanka there are many places that you should visit, among them one very good and different hotel that I recommend is Saman Vilas Benthota.

Even though a friend told me that it is an amazing hotel I didn’t think that it would be such a great place until I went there. Because of its shear beauty I thought to put a post on that amazing hotel.

It is different because it will not provide you rooms but it will provide private villas for your comfort. Some of them are even having private swimming pools as well. Among the many other goodies you will get there, one thing is that you can wake up into the rising sun from your villa with a great view of the ocean. Also the food is very tasty and the presentation is also very attractive. Another specialty of the hotel is that the kitchen staff is working all 24 hours for you. If you need to have a late dinner at about 1:00 AM they are very happy to cater you without any extra payments and you only needs to ask the friendly staff.

If you would like to relax your body the best place is to go to their spa, you will be entitled to a 15 minutes free massage. If interested you can also use their library as well.

Before putting pictures I should say that it is having very nice views which are worth experiencing. No need to explain more since the following pictures that I took will prove my fact.


Contact them to get more details.


Aturuwella, Benthota. Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 34 2275435, +94 34 4936200.
Fax: +94 34 2275433, +94 34 4287063.

Head Office

90 Gothami Road, Colombo 08. Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 4866515, +94 11 2679562.
Fax: +94 11 4611049.


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