Water World Kelaniya – Sri Lanka

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Travel
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Recently we went a trip to an aquarium which is located at Kelaniya Sri Lanka. They have named it Water World and claims that they have the largest collection of fish in South Asia.

Mainly they have 2 sections one for birds and the other for fish. If you are going to watch bird park then you need to buy a ticket of Srilankan rupees 70, if you are going for the fish section then the ticket would be 150 Srilankan rupees. You can also contact them if required by using the telephone number +94 11 5555433.

Following are some photos I took on my visit and as I feel they have some rare species on display.


To help the people who whould like to visit Water World I thought to share their new phone number with the address.

+94 11 5555434

Water World Lanka Pvt. Ltd.,
No: 95, Biyagama Road,
Sri Lanka.

Location –

  1. S.D.K.Senaviratna says:

    To get permition – for St MARYS Collage Kegalle
    4th march at 2.00p.m.

  2. Charani says:

    Hi Mr. Arjuna..

    We need your contact number to contact you .. so please send me your contact number to me ..

    Charani Here

  3. Iggy Tavares says:

    Hi Arjuna, I visited Water World in mid August and enjoyed it. I am from London, UK and I am writing an article about Water world with lots of images for a tropical fish magazine and need to get further information about the number of aquariums etc. Could you possibly help by getting the email address or mobile number of the owner, Mr Darshana De Zoysa.
    My email address is goanfish1@yahoo.co.uk
    Thanks, Iggy

    • Arjuna says:

      Hi Iggy,

      Sorry for the late reply, I do not know Mr. Darshana’s mobile or email address, also these days I am not in Sri Lanka. But you will be able to discuss with the Water World management and get the details you want by calling their general number 0094 115 555433. Try giving them a call.


  4. chamini ariyapala says:

    we are from defence services college colombo.in january we are going to have a huge xhibition,we hope to exhibit fish also,do you provide fish and how should do,

    • Arjuna says:

      Hi Chamini,

      I am not sure whether they are giving fish for external exhibitions, but you can try having a chat with the Water World management by going there.

      Also check with the zoo, since they are also having fish, you might be able to arrange some thing with either party.

      Best Regards,

  5. Lakruwani says:

    Hi Arjuna,

    Are they opened in the weekend? if so would you know the opening times?
    I tried calling them from both the numbers but no answer… 😦

    • Arjuna says:

      Hi Lakruwani,

      Yes, as I remember I also went on a Saturday, so they are open in weekend. I think they are open from 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

      Anyway try calling them using the number +94 11 5555434. I feel they have changed their numbers, sorry for the wrong number earlier.

      Please update me if anything I mentioned above are incorrect.

  6. nilani says:

    dear Arjuna
    i need email address or mobile number of the owner, Mr Darshana De Zoysa.
    please let me know if you have

    • Arjuna says:

      I am sorry Nilani, I do not have his personal contact details with me. Try calling their office number provided and see whether you can get through to him.
      Kind Regards,

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