Visual Studio not Showing Errors

Posted: December 6, 2008 in .Net
Is your Visual Studio showing error line numbers and respective pages while you develop?
If not read on, recently I came up to a machine which was having Visual Studio error. Visual Studio was showing errors when a project is compiled but the error details (error code line number, error file) which we can use to identify the error are not displayed.
After trying out several things found the cause of it and thought to share it.
The problem was not with the project but with the path the project was kept.
In the machine the failing project was stored under a folder which was having parenthesis or brackets "(".
For example the solution path was like C:\ProjectsA(V1)\MyProj\.
The (V1) part was confusing Visual Studio making it stop displaying the error details.
If you also have the same problem simply remove the brackets by renaming the folder and reload your project to Visual Studio from the new path. The error details will be shown correctly.

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