Installing Office 2007 on Windows

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Office
Hi all,
This is my second post on installing Office 2007. The reasons behind this post are that I have seen that installing Office 2007 is a problem not only in Vista but also in all other operating systems and also to mention you a tried and tested way (by me :-)) to install Office 2007 in one shot.
As my hint above you can use this method to install Office 2007 in any operating system.
Before starting the setup I recommend you ti update windows by running Windows Update.
1. Run a Disk Cleanup on the partition that you are going to install Office by getting the drive properties by right clicking on the drive and clicking Properties.
2. Create a folder named ‘Office’ in one of the drives in your hard disk and copy the full contents of Office setup CD/DVD in to this folder.
3. Start the installation by double clicking on the Setup.exe.
4. Select the customized option of the setup and right click on the top node and select ‘Install on first use’. This will make all the items install when you try to use them.5. Now continue with the installation.

6. If there are any problems the setup will bring up a window and tell you to browse for files that it is unable to find or sees as corrupt. If this happens to you,

i. Try pointing to the ‘Office’ directory that you created in the point number 2 and press Ok.

If the window again comes up then,

ii. Copy the entire folder which setup reports as having problems from the CD/DVD to the ‘Office’ directory again. (For example if the setup saying it is unable to process, copy all the folders having the name Excel to the ‘Office’ directory again from the CD/DVD.)

iii. Point the setup again to the ‘Office’ directory. This time the setup will continue.

7. When the setup finishes, start one or two applications (Word, Excel, …) and make the installer install the necessary files. If at this point it asks for any missing files, follow the same procedure as at point number 6.
8. After you have successfully opened at least two applications of Microsoft Office family of products, start the Office installer again from the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ section in Windows Control Panel. Select ‘Add or Remove Features’ and click Continue. Then choose the applications you want to run and proceed with the setup. (If the setup is asking for any missing files follow the same procedure as at point number 6.)
9. When the setup finishes successfully, you can carry out a Repair on Office by starting Office setup again from ‘Add or Remove Programs’ to fix any missing files.


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